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Fix Huon Council
Providing support & guidance for aspiring candidates for  
Election in 2022

This website is undergoing major updating as we swing into action for the Council Election later this year.  Fix Huon Council (FHC) is using a 'Voices For' model to find candidates to stand for Council.  ie local people who have the capacity, education and experience to manage the role of a Councillor in 2022 and onwards. 

It has become clear through the shocking events that have resulted in the confirmation of a conflicted General manager that the current Councillors who voted to make his position permanent have treated the community as fools, best ignored and barely tolerated. Sue Clarke's tirade against the democratic process of calling a Public Meeting to address serious issues with the Council was an act of outright bullying of the community for daring to stand up to the elected Members hubris. 

The resignation of the Mayor two days after the GM appointment was hardly an act of leadership.  We now have Sally Doyle as Acting Mayor. 

It is for these reasons that Fix Huon Council is now supporting a 'Voices For' approach to the next Council election.  

FHC are hoping to encourage candidates for council to emerge from this community based process. Candidates who meet the V4 standard of community support will be endorsed by FHC.

Fix Huon Council is not a political party, nor is it aligned with any political party.  It is a community group. FHC has a long term goal of building community participation in politics and local democracy regardless of age, geography or political party allegiance. Consistent with FHC values, we welcome the 'Voices for' style of engagement with people across the Huon Valley electorate seeking direct input into current issues and issues that benefit the whole community and not the favoured few.

*Any campaign donations will be received by the candidates and not by FHCIn compliance with the TEC, all donations to candidates are subject to the same disclosure rules as a political party.