What does it take to be a councillor?

Fix Huon Council is not a political party, nor aligned with any party.

This is because the election is for a 'Council' it is not an election of 'representatives' like a vote for a parliamentary election.  A local Council is a statutory body, it is quasi autonomous that actually 'represents' the Minister for local government & Council duties & responsibilities are set out in the the Local Government Act.  The Members are elected local residents, who we think need to demonstrate the following 'Board Level' skills and attributes. 

1. LEADERSHIP: Be or be able to become an effective leader in the Huon Valley community. Are you an Educational Leader, an Administrative & Financial Leader, a Cultural Leader and a Community Leader? Can you provide verifiable evidence prior to this election? 

2.TRANSPARENCY: Understand what  transparent decision making in council business means in practice. Are you honest, truthful and open in how you have done business in the past?

3. CONDUCT: Act in a way so that your conduct in person, in print and on line enhances and maintains the credibility of Huon Valley council and local government as a whole. Your Behaviour must be beyond reproach before being elected a Councillor in 2022. 

4. ACCOUNTABILITY: Be accountable by demonstrating that you understand and know how to meet Huon Valley's Community needs, particularly the focus on health and wellbeing.  Do you understand governance and ethics? What have you done to demonstrate this prior to nominating for Council?  

5. LEARNING: Demonstrate a commitment to life long learning and be prepared to undertake the necessary training to be an effective Huon Valley councillor once elected.

How do you know a candidate deserves your vote? 


Any candidate wanting to be elected in 2022 would have seriously considered the role of 'governance' and already taken the most basic of steps to demonstrate a clear understanding of what this means in practice.

In order for a councillor to visit a council childcare centre, a local primary school or secondary school or aged care facility, or enter a private home to see a local resident a candidate would have already applied for and obtained both a police clearance and a current working with vulnerable people card PRIOR to submitting a nomination.  To have not done so simple and obvious preparation would indicate a significant lack of understanding of the concept of & basic understanding of 'governance.' Voters in the community need to know that their selected candidate is honest (police check) and has been vetted for working with vulnerable people ( WWVP card) Council employees in childcare or other venues where there are children or vulnerable people, would have these and the Council has oversight and ensures up to date systemic lawful compliance as part of their responsibilities of governance. 

Cultural & Educational Leadership

These particular candidates will be tasked with a very specific responsibility during the life of this Council.  That is, the implementation with the Huon Valley community of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, Makarrata and Treaty to be devolved to local councils nationally by the Minister for Indigenous Australians, the Hon Linda Burney MP. Candidates would therefore be well aware of this impending responsibility and would have already met with SETAC prior to nominating to discuss how SETAC views working with the local council and to understand the expectations of the indigenous community in the Huon Valley, therefore being prepared to take this important leadership role with Huon Valley Council.   

Administrative and Financial Leadership

The management and planning for the financial future of the Huon Valley community will be a challenging responsibility for this Council.   An understanding of budgets, grant applications and sound fiscal management is a basic requirement.  Candidates with only small business experience will likely find themselves out of their depth. The elected members are not 'a rubber stamp' so an ability to find one's way around the multimillion dollar balance sheets of Huon Valley Council is essential.  Candidates must be willing to make unpopular decisions where finances & budgets are concerned.  This is a function of governance, leadership and statutory responsibility.  This is a powerful example of why a councillor is not there to represent 'what you want' like voting for an MP in a particular party in a parliament, but rather voting for a statutory officer to undertake the task of governance as a member of a Council, empowered by the Local Government Act. 

Other attributes candidates should be able to demonstrate and provide evidence for:

1. High level  communication skills

2. Experience of and/or ability to engage with the community

3. Problem solving and analytical skills

4. Teamwork

5. Organisational skills

6. Leadership qualities of integrity and transparency and inclusion

7. Being able to work collaboratively, especially with those you do not agree with or may not even like.

8. A verifiable history of ethical and accountable conduct.


Is this candidate nominating to represent their own interests or the community?

Will this candidate act in the best interests of the community?

Will this candidate turn up to meetings and participate in training or community events?

Will this candidate maintain ethical distance from the operational personnel of Council, and only use the formal communication pathway of Councillor to Mayor to General Manager to Council Officer & vice versa when undertaking the duties of governance as a councillor? 

Political affiliation, being born & raised in the Huon Valley & indeed which side of the river you live on have all been used over the past 20 years as 'wedge' tactics by a number of elected councillors, and as a result have abused the role of the council and the local community has suffered as a result. These fake'wedge' issues are irrelevant for suitability as a candidate. 

Fixhuoncouncil.info will support candidates who are actually resident in the Huon Valley.