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The Main Players in the Scandal.

These are the main people involved in this sorry episode of The Conflict of Interest

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Cr Mayor Bec Enders

The Mayor, Bec Enders has publicly admitted that she has made a mistake, but qualifies this by stating

"there is no evidence to assert that a crime has been committed under the Criminal Code Act 1924 by anyone associated with the recruitment process,” she said. The independent Review of the Recruitment Process for the New General Manager Appointment Report found there were no breaches of the Council’s Code of Conduct, the Local Government Act or the Huon Valley Council Governance Framework, and equally as important, no evidence the recruitment was tainted by actual bias."


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Mayor Bec Enders - courtesy The Mercury 20/09/2021 

Chose to run 'A deeply flawed process'

The Selection Panel

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Deputy Mayor, Sally Doyle

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The Selection Panel included Deputy Mayor Sally Doyle, Cr. Mick Newell and Cr. Christine Campbell, chaired by

Bec Enders

images courtesy Huon Valley council website

Cr. Mick Newell

Cr. Christine Campbell

The Recruitment Agency - Red Giant

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Ms Joanne Inches, photo courtesy

Joanne Inches describes her significant experience, expertise and capabilities on her red-giant website: "An accomplished businesswoman and leader in her own right, Joanne is respected for her deep commitment to relationship building founded on a values-based approach to business.

Outside of work, Joanne is a Director on two Not for Profit Boards and is a graduate of the Institute of Company Directors (GAICD)."

The Council Press release states the following:


  • On 6 May 2021, a potential conflict of interest came into existence.

  • Ideally, the recruitment agency engaged by the Council (‘the recruitment agency’) should have disclosed the potential conflict to the General Manager's Recruitment Panel.

  • On 24 May 2021, there was an actual conflict.

  • The failure to disclose the conflict (to the Council) until 4 July 2021 was not a disclosure ‘as soon as practicable,’ and is therefore, in breach of the Conflict of Interest Policy of the recruitment agency.

  • The recruitment agency in good faith disclosed the conflict as soon as (it) considered it appropriate to do so.

Full text at the following web address.

The Successful candidate - Mr Jason Browne

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The successful applicant, partner to Ms Inches, Jason Browne.  There is no suggestion that Mr Browne is not qualified for the position nor that he has done anything illegal. 
However, this community group holds the view that no appointment has been made due to the serious conflict of interest that occurred and was not handled either transparently, honestly or ethically by the Mayor. 


Mr Jason Brown - courtesy The Mercury 20/09/2021