Thank You

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FixHuonCouncil would like to thank each and every one of our local community who signed the petition that was a staggering 1400 of the community who were appalled with the conduct of the Council in this process.  

The details of the Public Meeting are here and also on the Submissions Page - you are invited to submit a comment or even a motion to be seconded and voted on in the meeting.

Details of the location of the meeting are still being discussed with Council as we are trying to get a venue that will hold as many of the community as possible under COVID restrictions. 

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Meeting to be held at FRANKLIN PALAIS

You will need to apply for a ticket from EVENTBRITE to attend the meeting as seating is limited due to COVID restrictions.  Tickets will be available from 9.00 am

on Thursday January 27th.  (First come first served!) 

Here's The website

You can follow this event but you cannot get a ticket until 9.00 am Thursday 27th


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