The Petition is now done!

The final number of signatures is to be confirmed, but we have achieved more than double the number required to make the Council call a public meeting on the issue of the hiring of the GM.

Thank you


Petition Lodged with Council this Week 


My petition to call on the HVC to hold a public meeting into the flawed recruitment of the new General Manager has gained 1401 signatures or 11% of the entire population of the Huon Valley. 1300+ signatures, or 10%, were gained at 3 market stalls 10.00-2.00 and 5 Woolworths stalls 9.00-4.00. 


Of the 25% of the population that would have passed by these petition tables, some were loaded down with shopping, some had kids or dogs in tow and some felt awkward to stop at a petition table. The 11% that did stop either signed straight away as they were familiar with the issue, or new of some of the details. 19 out of 20 of people when informed of the flawed recruitment process then signed.


As a snapshot of concern by people who knew or learned of the issue, this equates to roughly 60-80% of the valley. Look for announcements advertising the meeting, probably in January. This promises to be a very interesting Public Meeting. When will the council listen to the concerns of the residents in this matter? 


Archie. Donley.  Cygnet

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The next part of this action is to decide the Motions to be put to the meeting.

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