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The new petition is asking the council to give

the conflicted General Manager notice so that:


  • when the existing councillors leave the council and/ or stand for re-election in October, the new council will not have the responsibility of a conflicted GM in charge of council staff and all operational matters for the next four years


  • Council staff will know that a new GM will be appointed, and there will be no concerns about the conflict of interest that has made the present appointment so controversial.

To the Huon Valley Council

We, the undersigned, request that the Huon Valley Council terminates the appointment of the conflicted General Manager, Jason Browne.
Jason Browne and his partner Joanne Inches (Red Giant Pty Ltd) were complicit in the recruitment process which was conflicted, flawed and potentially corrupted.
Continuing the appointment of Jason Browne as General Manager of the Huon Valley Council is therefore unacceptable to residents.


Council is requested to:
1. acknowledge that the recruitment process was compromised and the position of the current General Manager is therefore untenable, and
2. immediately give Jason Browne three (3) months’ notice and appoint an external Acting General Manager from the date of expiry of that period until the new council is elected in October 2022 and the appointment process for a new general manager has been completed using contemporary HR practices.

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