Fix Huon Council - Voices For Huon (V4Huon) - First Meeting Takes Place

With the Federal election now behind us, it has become very clear that the 'Voices For' approach to participatory democracy is indeed a very powerful way to effect change in an electorate. Today saw the first meeting of the Voices for Huon group, meeting to discuss the needs of our community and the forthcoming Huon Valley Council election in October 2022.

Without exception every community member who attended today's meeting has had personal dealings with the Council in a way that has brought deep concern and a desire to improve the functioning of the Council by working with others (this means you!) in the community to address the following issues (at least):

  1. Effective Policy formation and implementation by the elected Members

  2. Address the unresolved issue of the conflicted General Manager

  3. Focus Council activities on core business, with a view to improving the financial status of the Council.

  4. Actively seek interested and committed community members who wish to stand for Council and provide support and encouragement for them to do so.

  5. Promote a collegial functioning council, that is accountable and transparent. Improve participation in debate and discussion with the community in with expanded community involvement in regular Council meetings.

Today's meeting took place involving nine local residents who have committed to the 'Voices for Huon' approach of resourcing the community and working directly with those interested in making things better for all of us. Each participant who attended today is available in their local township to meet with any group wishing to have a 'kitchen table conversation' or 'coffee morning' or similar to find out what you want the next Council to focus on and what you expect the Council to do for you and your local community. It is also hoped that this process will encourage you to also seriously consider running for Council with a view to prosecuting the above goals as a minimum.

I'm not running for Council, but I am providing support and encouragement for you and your neighbours to make an impact at the next Council election! Voting is now compulsory for Council elections, so the V4Huon group is hoping that this will encourage as many people as possible to take an active interest in our local council.

Do you want to host a small group? This is how the Voices 4 model works. If you want to host a group, one of us will make ourselves available to come and talk with you to listen to what you have to say. This feedback will feed into the 'platform' for those being supported via this website. There are also resources on this website for you to use ( you will need to register)

We will also be available around the Huon Valley over the next few months - check this site for details of forthcoming 'coffee and chat' opportunities on a Saturday morning or at a local market!

Please contact V4Huon on the email below if you want further information or if you want to participate.

Your local Council needs you! We need you!

Tim Sanderson Communications on behalf of V4Huon/

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